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      As highly as talented and professional artist that Bill Baker is, his paintings take on added meaning above and beyond just the images you see before you. Bill has traveled the world recording many native civilizations first hand and transforms his experiences into amazing works of fine art.
      Early impressionism, balancing complementary shapes with harmonious color, invoking dramatic feeling while representing a style truly all his own.
Bill Baker
Bill  Baker
      "To me, contact with life is most important. I feel God has given me a gift and I want to use it to bring glory to His name. I express diversity in which people live on this planet and to live with them is to know them with insight and integrity."
      " A work has a power of its own. I want to spark the viewers' emotions while entertaining their eye."
      Baker lives with the people he paints, experiencing every aspect of their culture, of which some are about to become extinct. His travels have also included much of Asia, adding to the entourage of cultures he has experienced. His subjects include the Thrahumara. Indians of the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico, the Guatemalan Maya Quicha Indians, the hills tribes of East Asia, and many primitive Indian tribes in the Amazon of South America.
      "These paintings are my poetry, as music is to the ear, so form and color are to die eye. I carefully design and orchestrate a symphony of strokes and color, the drama of light hitting form."
      Baker just recently started showing his works with startling results such as winning awards at national shows, winning best of show, one man exhibitions, featured in International Artist and Southwest Art magazines.
      Bill Baker is coordinator of Roadrunner World Missions, a non-profit Christian Ministry that proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost and aids in the endless need of so many world wide. Roadrunner is establishing an orphanage to feed, educate and provide a home for so many needy children in India. Proceeds from the sale of Bakers paintings will fund this mission work world wide. For more information on Roadrunner call 505-345-8304.

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